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Robert Saltzman is an unusually skilled psychotherapist. I attribute the effectiveness of Robert's work with people to his deep well of wisdom and his genuinely compassionate heart.

---Robert K. Hall, M.D., El Dharma of Todos Santos, Baja California

(Psychiatrist and lay Buddhist priest Robert Hall is the co-founder of the Lomi School and Counseling Clinic, and presently conducts dharma talks and vipassana meditation retreats in Todos Santos.)

I gained a deep appreciation for Robert's abilities, his sensitivity, and his willingness to stand on the edge and overlook the abysses where most researchers prefer to stay away.

---Dr. Robert Sardello, Ph.D., Director, The School of Spiritual Psychology; Former Co-Director, Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture

Dr. Saltzman is more than just a therapist, although he is an excellent one. He is an authentic and powerful spiritual teacher of the highest order, a realizer and conveyor of spiritual awakening, enlightenment, self-realization, and non duality. I had searched long and hard for such a person, and finally found him off the beaten path in Todos Santos. Within weeks all seeking stopped, I realized my true nature, and felt for the first time in my life the freedom of living in the eternal present.

---Lindsey Maclain

The young people in our community knew Robert because of his music and art, and held him in high regard--he was a kind of legendary character with a deep influence on the kids and families with whom he worked. . . . He left us in 1993, and I doubt that we will ever be able to completely replace him because he brought such a unique perspective to his work . . .

Robert developed his deep perceptivenss of people during many years as a gifted and internationally recognized photographer. He is a patient and precise observer who has the gift of seeing meaning and story in people easily and accurately. He has the highest integrity, and the ability to speak truthfully to clients in a manner that does not raise resistance. His natural compassion is tempered by a keen realism and worldliness that bring a powerful focus to his therapeutic work.

---Charles Bush. M.A., M.F.C.C., Headmaster, Chamisa Mesa Educational Center, Taos, New Mexico

I have known Robert as friend and colleague for nine years now. My respect for his work is unqualified.

---Leirion, psychotherapist, Todos Santos, Baja California

A psychotherapist of uncommon skill, intuition, and sensitivity, Dr. Robert Saltzman provides a style of therapy that is not merely counseling, but more like a conversation from soul to soul, allowing hidden meanings, entertaining deeper longings, and encouraging the verbalization of heretofore unspeakable ideas. In this atmosphere of open-eyed awareness, detailed attention to nuance, and "listening with the third ear," ordinary life--so often filled with problems and suffering, so often vacant of meaning and direction--again, as in the best moments of childhood, begins to feel like an adventure, a possibility, an open door. Fear gives way to seeing; secrets seem less important to hide; one wants, at last, to empty the bag of shadows on the table for respectful consideration: a small miracle.

In addition to a rigorous academic training as a depth psychologist and psychotherapist, Dr. Robert brings to his psychotherapy and counseling practice a background and personal history which has produced a person of unflagging compassion, startling open-mindedness, and true caring for his fellow beings.

In this time when psychotherapy and counseling seem to have fractured into the extremes of brain chemistry and medication on the one hand, and every manner of narcissistic new age vanity on the other, how refreshing to sit with a person whose outlook is simply non-judgmental, and here now.

---Anne Valley Fox, Director, Project Crossroads, Santa Fe, New Mexico; co-author of Your Mythic Journey, Finding Meaning in Your Life Through Writing and Storytelling, author of Sending the Body Out; 10,000 Joys 10,000 Sorrows; and other collections of poetry.

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