"Finding happiness in a frugal, active lifestyle can spare us a future of pills and hypochondria." --from a scientific abstract on the polymeal, a diet for heart health.

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Just be yourself.

"Forget what others say. Forget so-called "nonduality." It's only a word. Just be yourself, and find out what NOW is."

In this moment, things are as they are and cannot be any different. Ignorance of this simple and obvious fact is a principal source of psychological suffering.

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"I've experienced a lot of abuse in my life and so suffered from mental health problems. I think the worst part of my abuse was remembering being molested as a child, and these memories have been resurfacing just in this last year. The biggest problem for me when i first came to acknowledge what happened to me as a child, was at first i had this strong sense and feeling that i was in some way damaged or tainted. But now i come to realize more and more that i am not. Not when you talk about awareness. To me i realize now that the things i went through are not who i am, they were things that happened and now they are only really past events and how i perceive them. And as this perception happens in thoughts and feelings then they really are no part of what i truly am. And this has led me to believe im just as pristine, or new (if that makes sense ?) as the day i was born. This feels very liberating for me. i still experience grief and anger from time to time but im aware there natural thoughts and feelings and they dont take over my life. They arise, i acknowledge them and then let them go. I dont need to be scared of them as there not what the real me is. And its just a part of being human."

---Claire, writing on the Dr. Robert Forum.

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